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Most players thoroughly enjoy and rely on the company of their team-mates as they share the excitement and disappointments typically experienced in an AFL career. When your playing career is over, however, things change and often many players don’t get the opportunity to catch up as much.

The ‘Former Tigers’ is a fantastic way to keep in touch with some of your past team-mates who you wouldn’t otherwise see very much of. It also allows you to keep in contact with the wider RFC community as well as continuing to share good fun with some of your best mates from your playing years. Just having a beer with other former tigers at a Richmond home game at the ‘G’ is one way to catch up.

As a member of the ‘Former Tigers’, you become entitled to great benefits and opportunities, such as:

  • Access to a secure membership database of over 400 Former Tigers members.
  • Privileged access to participate in great events such as the annual Ian ‘Octa’ Wilson Golf Day, the Hastings fishing trip, the Richmond Open tennis day, the Legends Football match, Bowls and Golf, etc.
  • The opportunity to be informed of Former Tigers events and to hear what happening with former team-mates. Access to the Past Players Room at all RFC home games.
  • The opportunity to help add to your network to strengthen your work or business links.
  • The opportunity to promote or advertise your business to a large and supportive network base.

Your membership is important to the Former Tigers. It helps us to help you keep in contact with your former team mates and officials. There are some wonderful events, most of which are held every year, and your membership allows you to stay involved.

The Former Tigers proudly supports its membership through the mail updates, functions, sports and recreational events, and by keeping in touch through this website and Facebook.

Membership Applications & Renewals

We would love to do more to assist you and if you have any ideas, please let us know. We are working on some creative ideas in association with the Richmond Football Club and hope to reveal these in the near future.

One year membership: One year membership for 2018 $ 25.00
Five year membership package: A five year membership (until 2023) $ 100.00
One year concession: One year membership for 2018 $ 10.00
Five year concession package: A five year membership (until 2023) $ 50.00


For further information or to find out more about the Richmond Former Players & Officials Association, contact Bill Meaklim (0402 086 208) or or Leonie Bawden (0438 300 001) or  If you would like to update your details please contact Leonie Bawden (0438 300 001) or

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