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Former Tigers Sponsors

Become a ‘Former Tigers’ sponsor. There are exceptional benefits available as this website evolves and further links are developed with other active former AFL/VFL past player groups and organizations.

By becoming a sponsor today, you receive exposure throughout this site as well as on our partner website belonging to the active supporter group, The Tommy Hafey Club. Both sites share a wide ranging database of members and supporters who represent the full cross-section of business, trades and professions.

Make sure you are seen and heard. There are some great sponsorship opportunities associated with the FPOA which are very economical and cost-effective.

To find out more, call one of the Committee members listed below:

Peter Williams
0447 150 920
Bill Meaklim
0402 086 208
Trevor Poole
0407 981804
Dale Weightman
0418 283 230




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