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The year 1986 became a period of one of the most defining times in the former players’ history as well as that of the Richmond Football Club. An opportunity arose to possibly relocate the mighty Richmond Football Club interstate and to leave its famous home. Brisbane or the Gold Coast was being mooted as the new home as this was before the Bears were formed.

This situation severely threatened the relationship between the former players and the Club Board and Administration. Tom Allen, as President of the former players, was resolute in his view that the Tigers would remain in Melbourne.

During this time, a number of Richmond board members resigned in a fall out at board level and Neville Crowe became president and persuaded club legend Kevin Bartlett to coach. These two men were staunch supporters of Richmond remaining in Melbourne and were willing to work to save the Club’s financial woes. This was the start of the ‘Save our Skins’ campaign.

Although the new president and coach had stabilised the club, the matter of servicing the huge debt remained a chain around the Tigers' neck.

Because the financial situation was so grim and the Richmond Football Club was in crisis, the former players’ committee decided to donate their entire monies held in their bank account to the Club - a total of $25,000. This remains the largest individual donation to the campaign. The mighty Tigers survived and the former players’ were satisfied that they had played a major part in that survival.


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